Living Room Transformation

Wow, I really dropped the ball where this website is concerned. Alot has happened since I posted any house updates on here, you would only know about them if you follow me on Facebook or more recently, Instagram. 

 I have been (for the most part) taking pictures along the way of projects to post on here "one day, in the future." Well honey, THE FUTURE IS NOW! Someone please kick me in the butt already and let's get going.

Here's a picture of the house literally how it looked when we bought it.



The house was a "turn-key" deal, where you buy the house, and all of it's contents within. So we got furniture, dishes, food in the freezer, PAINT, televisions, you name it. Yes, it was kinda awesome, and also kinda more work, because we had to purge the house of things that we didn't want--which was most of it. BUT--I'm not really complaining because we did get to sell it and make some cash. Sweet!



First thing we did was get to painting...




...first the walls...



...then the mantle. And this is when my husband first discovered that one of my favourite catch phrases was "LET'S PAINT IT WHITE". 

I also made all the drapes in our house (including the ones in this pic) out of bed sheets and/or shower curtains. When you're in a pinch--it works.

I also made all the drapes in our house (including the ones in this pic) out of bed sheets and/or shower curtains. When you're in a pinch--it works.

Once we sold all of the black leather stuff, we hauled our couch set that I had bought a year earlier that we were storing at my parents, where we also lived at the time :). Thanks ma and pa!

Then I bought these two cheap melamine shelving units that we nailed some crown moulding to the top, and hinged on some plastic shutters for doors to store our dvds, stereo system, and receiver boxes. The curtains at the bottom were so the remote control signals would get through. What can I say! When you're pinching pennies, you get inventive!



And that's how it stayed for a while. I would collect more junk and plants from thrift stores and garden centers, and put things on top of the ledge and shelves on those melamine units to try and fill the ugly gap, but I never could get it right!! It drove me nuts...then one day...


...WE decided to come up with a custom design for a wall unit. We sat down and I told Isaac exactly how I wanted it to be. I drew him pictures, and he took measurements and got to building. We ripped out the old mantle and included a new simple one that was more streamlined and fit in between the two units with NO GAPS :). I really don't like gaps or ledges. I've learned this from this house. Places that are hard to clean, junk collectors,  and don't look uniform--they bug me in my house.

Some time after we got that finished, I happened across the exact faux brick tiles I wanted at a yard sale for a whopping $25! I was so happy that instead of going through the hassle and expense of ordering some in from who knows where, God supplied them right to me, easy peasy. And the perfect amount too :). He really does know the desires of our hearts, and cares!


The only step missing from this sequence is the mesh wire that we put over the surround for the mortar to cling to. (So between #2 and #3).


And here is a picture taken last month just before Christmas (hence my little bulb tree). Much tidier and finished looking! 


We still have plans to shiplap the ceiling in here (and in all the other rooms...) which I think will look so much nicer than the dated popcorn ceiling that currently in there right now. Plus I'm excited to see it with the brick! Until then, that's it for this room for now! Will post more updates when they get done!