Watercolour Pencils

A couple of weeks ago I got the itch to do some picture painting. I had my heart set on the idea of watercolours since I haven't used them in years, and I remember really loving them. Not wanting to spend a whole lot of money on my momentary urge, I just went to the dollar store and ended up finding some watercolour pencils. 

Maybe they're really common, but I had never heard of them. Since they were the only watercolour product that I could find there, I grabbed a couple boxes along with a cheap sketch pad, with hopes to just get it out of my system. 

When I finally got around to testing them out (yesterday), turns out it was $4.00 well spent, because I really love them! I can sketch out an image going a little heavy or light with the pencil, and then go over it with a wet paint brush, creating beautiful, classic, softly blended colours. I also could dip the pencil in the water to add more vivid colouring to certain areas. 

I love the soft delicate perfect imperfection of watercolours, and the fact that natural-looking blending is so easy to achieve with them. I find it one of the most relaxing and stress free forms of artistic illustrating, since it's so forgiving, and I require a lot of forgiveness. 

Obviously the $1.25 sketch pad wasn't the best surface to work on, and the paper went all crinkly, but since it was just for playing around, it did the trick. All in all I figured it was still a step up from the MickeyD's napkins that I used to pull out of the glove box on road trips (ok, still do). Anyways, I played around with some florals, but the majority of the content that I worked on was mountains...more to come on that later :).