Pallet board table


In the past couple of years, I have hauled and ripped apart more pallets than I could count, and they've sort of left a not so great taste in my mouth. They're heavy, awkward, and dirty. They've got rusty nails sticking out, and eat up sawzall blades and battery juice like no body's biz. I would much rather just go pay a smallish amount of money for brand new, easy to work with lumber from the hardware store. BUT...

I guess I must not have conveyed my extreme dislike for pallets to my sister, because one day she brought over this junky only nasty pair of pallets, and wanted my help to build, in her words: " A super cute and easy Pinterest table!". 


I tried to convince her otherwise, but she was so determined that I ended up begrudgingly going along with it. Needless to say, once we got started it didn't take her too long to figure out why I dislike pallets so much these days, and she discovered that it was indeed more work than she had anticipated.

REGARDLESS of my lousy attitude going into it...we did end up laughing hysterically at ourselves, and managed to throw together an OK little side table for her patio drinks. I didn't take pictures of the build, but seriously a monkey could come up with the design. No mitred cuts, nothing fancy, at all.


The boards were the thickest and most challenging I had ever worked with (it didn't help that all my sawzall blades were dull as a butter knife too). After we managed to pry/cut about 3 boards off, we agreed we would just make that amount work, because...RAAAWR! Frustrating.

We used those boards along with a few other loose scrap pieces she had brought along to construct the table.

We cut a couple boards in half and laid them "good" side down on the ground. These four pieces were now the table top pieces. We took 4 more pieces and propped them on top of the boards to make a square skirt about an inch away from the perimeter of the table top. Then we put screws through the skirt pieces into the table top boards to attach and connect everything. Does this make any sense? To add to the chaos of this project, I was running low on screws and couldn't afford to go buy any at this point. So I had to drill through with my auger drill and make it work with shorter screws. You get creative when you're broke...


Next we cut our leg pieces according to the amount of ready materials we had left. We screwed them in place, and lastly dry brushed some paint over the whole thing to make it look a little white washed. 

Super small and not very detailed post, I know. But I figured I would just throw it out there anyways. In case any of you are wanting to give a pallet build a shot, just know it can be done if you've got a few tools and some willpower. Granted, I made this sound absolutely miserable. And it was...HA! I guess the moral of the story is get yourself some sharp sawzall blades and the right size screws and you'll be fine. 

Here's a list of tools we used for this project:


*Medium pry bar


*2 drills (one auger style, one for screws)

*Chop saw

*Brad nailer (optional, but helps to hold stuff in place before screwing together)

*Belt sander (to smooth rough edges where cuts we made)

*Paint, paintbrush and rag to wipe