Balayage Dresser

 I've been doing a similar style of painting for a while now, and have honestly been getting kinda bored. I never really anticipated that happening, but alas, it's true. And though I still love the single color pieces/two tone drawer fronts, artistically speaking, they just aren't cutting it for me these days.

SO I found this long pine dresser one day, and I just KNEW I wanted to do something different with it! Right away I started looking up long dresser ideas on Pinterest and I found a pic that caught my eye by Thirty Eighth Street which is absolutely beautiful, and you can check theirs out here.



I'll admit I didn't read their tutorial on how to achieve the look (though there is one, and it's probably very helpful). I'm weird and stubborn in the sense that sometimes I find tutorials confuse me more, and it can often lead to a wet blanket being thrown on my creative process to the point where it just feels like work. Honestly when it comes to art, I rather enjoy fumbling my way through things when I'm diving into unchartered waters. It's more fun without rules and steps to try to keep track of! Whoa, did she just say ART?

YUP, this is art you guys. No ifs and/or buts about it. 

Now, if you're a creative person who wants to paint it once, with a clear concise path, minimal sweating, and reduced frustration, go read the tutorial, it's not mine, but I'm sure it will help you achieve an awesome finish without grey hairs popping out left right and center by the end.

IF however you are a creative person who LIKES to fumble, make mistakes, repaint, sweat, swear a little, and come out with paint smeared on your face saying "WELL HECK YEAH I DID THAT ALL ON MY OWN!", then no need. Just find some inspiration and go get it girl!

balayage dresser

I don't have precise instructions for you on how I did mine, because if you saw me attempting this, trust me it would have looked like a mad scientist quivering and pacing over their mad scientist project with mad scientist bulging eyeballs. No lie, paint bottles were flying, brushes were falling on the ground getting covered in dust and wasn't pretty.

But hey, it turned out great! And I look back on it all now with a warm fondness in my heart, and a twinkle in my eye.

So I don't have a step-by-step process to lay out for you, but I can give you a few tips on some things that I used/how I used them, in case you're wondering.

balayage paint finish

* For the white part: I always make my own chalk paint using plaster of paris. (I eyeball it, but there are very simple recipes on Pinterest that you can find). I painted the whole piece (minus the stained top) in white and let it dry.

* For the black/grey blended part: This might completely bewilder some people, but I literally used dollar store acrylic paint...yes. It works great for me. Moving on... I started with the black on the bottom, and worked my way up gradually adding in some white to make the grey.

* I kept going back and forth between using a paint brush, a rag, and a putty knife--"barely touching the canvas" like good ol Bob Ross taught me ;) which made some cool textured looking breaks in the paint. 

* This was not a super fast process. I had to walk away several times and come back with fresh eyes because I would get frustrated. Each layer, it got better and better. 

balayage turqoise

*I decided a fun pop of color for the hidden drawers would be cute, like a feisty pair of undies that no one knows about...but they're there! Oh yeah, by the way the paint? Dollar store bottles again.

 *I paired some pretty sea glass knobs to tie in with the turquoise drawers, and stained the top with Minwax in ebony. 

*I always seal the whole piece with a high quality Polycrylic, so that I know all my hard work stays well preserved. 

That's really all I can remember from the haze...It was wonderful. I got my art fix, boy did I ever! And it has only begun my new journey into this magical new creative blending paints thing!



Don't be scared. There are seriously infinite ways to go about art, and YOU can be the one to discover YOUR way! How awesome is that!

 If you're really afraid to try it on a big piece of furniture, find an old wooden jewelry box from a thrift store or yard sale and try it on that! They are the perfect miniature piece of furniture to try out new adventurous techniques on! 






balayage dresser before and after.jpg