Making the most out of scrap wood

Last week I had some small scrap pieces of plywood left over from a project. I've gotten into the habit of chucking those little bits of leftovers into my wood stove. This time, as I opened the stove and was about to throw one piece into the flames, I heard it say "STOP! I'm too young to die!" I listened to it, and closed the door, and I'm glad I did because as it turns out, that little piece of scrap wood had a lot of potential!

All I used for this project was that little piece of scrap plywood, a jigsaw, paint, a few knobs, some paper clips, and a hot glue gun.

First thing I did was draw out a shape with a pencil on the rough side of the plywood. It's important when using a jigsaw to cut it with your smooth good side facing down. This way any damage caused by the saw teeth will be on the back, and not the front part that you'll see. I don't have a pic of the pencil drawing, but you get the idea. I just drew the basic outline of a  flower.

 Then I slowly cut out the shape that I had drawn, adding some little slits here and there for petal detail. Once I was done cutting, I took my palm sander and went over the edges real quick to remove any roughness and splinters.

Then I flipped over the rose, and did a base coat of white over the whole thing so my colours would pop better.

Once it dried I went ahead and starting adding my colours. I just used little acrylic art paint bottles. I had a picture of a rose that I kept looking at for inspiration while I worked.

Once it dried, I shabbed it up, and kinda wish I hadn't to be honest. I think I liked it better before I scuffed it, but oh well. 

Then I added some knobs and glued some paper clips to the back so I can hang it and use it as a jewelry hanger :). Kinda cute, right?